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  • Application
  • Examination
  • Prospective Certification

    BRESO aims to promote accredited specialist breast surgical care for breast cancer patients and women at high risk of breast cancer by offering a dedicated certification programme in breast cancer surgery.

    Prospective certification is open to surgeons within 5 years of completion of training. 

    The BRESO certification requires:

    • Acquisition of knowledge in breast cancer management and more in depth expertise in surgical management, as set out in the knowledge curriculum
    • Acquisition of practical skills as demonstrated by a certified period of training in an approved breast unit and by review of a signed log book.  
    • A period of high quality training in a specialist breast centre where higher level skills will be attained, such as oncoplastics, reconstruction (although not necessarily practical expertise in all countries), research literacy, oncology and genetics.
    • The passing of an examination demonstrating the up-to-date knowledge, skills and competences necessary to practice as a specialist breast surgeon
    • Post certification skills maintenance through on-going continuous professional development (CPD)

    The BRESO certification programme can be undertaken during or following completion of standard general, gynaecological or plastic surgery training.  The acquisition of relevant practical skills and knowledge is estimated to take 2 years for surgeons with basic general, gynaecological or plastic surgery competencies.

    You can find the application form here.

    Read more about the programme requirements.