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    The European Breast examination organised by the Division of Breast Surgery of the Board of Surgery of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) is designed to test whether a candidate has the appropriate level of skills and knowledge to practice as a newly appointed specialist breast surgeon in a European Country (at the completion of specialist training).

    The EBSQ Examination is organised every year and consists of two parts: a written part and an oral part. A candidate has to “pass” both parts in order to be qualified for the “EBSQ in Breast Surgery” Diploma. 

    The “written” exam consists of 50 Multiple Choice Questions. It is internet based and is run simultaneously in several centres in and outside of Europe.

    The “pass mark” of the written exam is calculated each time using an international standard-setting procedure (Anghoff Scoring). Approximately a 55-60% of MCQs have to be answered correctly in order to “pass” the written exam but this will vary each year according to rigorous standard setting processes. Results are provided via email approximately within one week after the examination date.

    Only candidates who pass the written examination, are allowed to attend the oral examination.

    The oral examination consists of three 20 - 30 min tasks. Two tasks are clinical case discussions and the third is to evaluate a clinical research paper.

    The exam is based on the Guidelines on the standards for the training of specialized health professionals dealing with breast cancer.

    Furthermore, in order to prepare for the exam, a textbook that covers most issues relating to the management of breast cancer can be purchased from the Springer's website. Eligible candidates to the exam benefit from a 15% discount (discount code to be requested from the UEMS office once the application has been approved). All profits from the sale of the book go towards running and developing the European Breast Exam.

    Visit the website of the Division of Breast Surgery of the UEMS Board of Surgery for further information about the EBSQ examination including exam dates and venues and application process.