On demand access webinar: BRESO - a certification programme for breast surgical specialists

- Do we need certified breast surgeons? - Theoretical and practical knowledge curriculum in breast cancer surgery: is this achievable? - Links with natioanal societies and organisations - Fellowship based training: how to become a BRESO approved training center?

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ESO e-learning breast cancer surgery pathway

Dedicated pathway on surgical treatment of breast cancer with lectures that cover various aspects of the latest practices and trends in breast cancer surgery plus a couple of extra slide sets with a comprehensive overview.

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Harvard Global Oncology University Surgical Oncology Webinars

The Harvard Global Oncology University (GO-U) provides access from any country to the same world class education through a range of webinars, some of which are dedicated to breast cancer surgery.

The tool to increase breast conservation rates and aesthetic outcomes

Challenges in the delivery of surgical care in oncology in LMICs

EUSOBI’s Online Education

EUSOBI offers a series of interactive, cased-based lectures, which aim at improving your clinical skills and answer your questions on breast imaging, from basic to advanced. The webinars are oriented to different levels of expertise and provide worldwide interactive teaching on basic and advanced topics related to the diagnosis, staging and treatment of breast cancer. Each webinar is presented by one of our EUSOBI experts and we give you the opportunity to ask questions in our session.

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