The BRESO certification programme can be undertaken during or following completion of standard general, gynaecological or plastic surgery training.  The acquisition of relevant practical skills and knowledge is estimated to take 2 years for surgeons with basic general, gynaecological or plastic surgery competencies.

Candidates to the BRESO Certification should provide the following:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Board certification in general surgery or gynecology in their country
  • Graduates from medical schools outside the E.U. must have a valid medical license in an E.U. country
  • Letter of interest from the candidate regarding breast cancer training and academic interests
  • License to practice as a general surgeon, and/org gynecologists in the country where the training fellowship will take place
  • Documentary proof of identification such as a passport or National identity card.

The above evidence should be sent to the BRESO Secretariat.

Selection will be made upon:

  • Academic excellence
  • Interest in breast cancer
  • Letters of recommendation

The outcome will be notified within 4 weeks of receipt of a valid complete application by e mail.

An administration fee of 500 EUR is payable before consideration of the application (non-refundable if rejected) to cover administration costs.  

Successful candidates will be sent a signed certificate by recorded delivery and their name added to the searchable list on the BRESO website within 2 weeks of notification by e mail.