Zoltan Matrai

Chair of the Central-Eastern European Breast Cancer Surgical Consortium (CEEBCSC), HU

Zoltan Matrai is head of the Centre of Surgical Oncology and also leading one of its departments, the Department of Breast and Sarcoma Surgery at the National Institute of Oncology, Budapest, Hungary.

He is a specialist in general, thoracic and plastic surgery and clinical oncology, furthermore he is also a fellow of the European Board of Surgery in Surgical Oncology and Breast Surgery and holds a postgraduate academic degree (PhD). Intensive clinical research takes place led by Dr. Mátrai on oncoplastic breast surgery; optimal treatment of the axilla after sentinel lymph node biopsy; cosmetic and functional outcomes after breast conserving surgery; quality of life and function in patients who underwent axillary lymphadenectomy with the preservation versus division of the intercostobrachial nerve; suction drain versus the use of adaptive skin sutures after mastectomy with or without axillary lymphadenectomy; the need and knowledge regarding postmastectomy breast reconstruction among Hungarian women, etc.

He is a lecturer and trainer for undergraduates, residents and trainees in oncological and general surgery and fellows in breast surgery.

He is editor of the first textbook on modern breast cancer surgery on his native language, and author of nearly 50 scientific papers.