BRESO webinar available on demand

Did not have time to attend the BRESO webinar on September 3rd? You can view it now !

Patients needing surgery for breast cancer deserve the most up-to-date, high standard care, no matter where they live in Europe. Their treatment planning should be based on a multidisciplinary team decision.

Breast surgical oncology is an emerging stand-alone discipline and those who would like to practice it need specialised training and education. Major European organizations working in this field developed the Breast Surgical Oncology project for breast surgeon certification and established a European Curriculum that determines the process of becoming a certified breast cancer surgeon. The Curriculum is approved and supported by all major organizations and associations dealing with breast cancer care.

This webinar discusses in detail the curriculum and the pathway and requirements for certification in breast cancer surgery, gives practical advice for the future breast surgeon how can they certify and become a recognized breast surgical oncologist in any European country.

Key topics

  • Do we need certified breast surgeons? Patients’ perspective
  • Current status and Links with National Societies and Organisations
  • BRESO Curriculum: Theoretical and Practical Knowledge- Is it achievable?
  • Fellowship-based training: How to become and accredited training Center?

Target audience: General surgeons, Surgical Oncologists, Gynaecologists, Plastic Surgeons who would like to practice breast cancer surgery and achieve a certification in this specialty

Expected educational outcomes: Understand the Breast Surgical Oncology Curriculum, what is the advantage of becoming a certified breast cancer surgeon and how is this achievable (pathways, fellowships, theoretical and practical knowledge, length of training, quality of training, training centers)


Moderator: Dr. Tibor Kovacs President, European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO), UK

Keynote speakers: 

  • Ms. Barbara Klein, Communications Officer, Europa Donna-The European Breast Cancer Coalition
  • Prof. Lynda Wyld, Professor of Surgery, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Dr. Francesco Meani, Clinical Director, Center of Senology of Italian Switzerland. CSSI, Centro di Senologia della Svizzera Italiana, EOC-Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale, Switzerland

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