LISOD Hospital of Israeli Oncology

General Information

Name of Hospital / Institute / Cancer Centre: LISOD Hospital of Israeli Oncology

Name of Unit: Center of Modern Senology (Breast Unit on surgical department`s base)

Address: Malyshko str. 27, Plyuty vill., Obukhiv district, Kyiv’s region, 08720, Ukraine

Country: Ukraine


Responsible person/tutor for the fellowship

Name: MD Andrii Zhygulin

Position: Head of Breast Unit


Key contact

Contact name: Maryna Novochub

Position: Administration



Description of the training programme: Since 2015 we organized two weeks educational course twice a year dedicated to the oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery in multidisciplinary treatment of breast cancer for local doctors (10-15 participants) in collaboration with Academy of postgraduate medical education. Since 2019 (2019 and 2020) we started the international 5 days’ workshop for breast surgeons (10-12 participants) in the framework of CEECBS educational program. The course consists of lectures (Surgical anatomy of the breast; Oncoplastic BCS; Breast immediate reconstruction; Lipografting in breast surgery; Complications in breast conserving and reconstructive surgery; Breast cancer from the pathologist point of view, hystological diagnosis, surgical margins; Clinical genetic of breast cancer; Radiotherapy of the breast, an overview and updates for surgeons; Psychological rehabilitation of breast patients; Physical rehabilitation of breast patients), participation in surgical procedures, including assistance and participation in multidisciplanary tumorboards

Position held by the fellow during the traineeship: A position between resident and consultant

The training consist of: participation in surgical procedures and patient`s treatmet including assistance and participation in multidisciplanary tumorboards, participation in hospital local CME program, listening  to lectures

Legal requirements: Medical diploma, previous registration and coordination with our team

Optimal duration of the fellowship: 6 months

Open to both national and international candidates 

Ideal candidate: Our educational program is designed for the breast surgeons with experience at least 3-5 years


The fellow will participate in:

  • Operations with the tutor: YES
  • Outpatient clinics with the tutor: YES
  • The hospital continuing medical education programme: YES


Continuing medical education in the Unit: YES


Frequency: Twice a week – breast tumorboard and four times a week – general oncological tumorboard

Research facilities 

Participation to research activities in the hospital: NO


Accessible library: YES


Available accomodation: There are some small cheap hotels and appartments nearby the hospital

Distance from the Institute/Center: Hospital is located out of the city, about 35 km, in country side. We will organize the transfer to and from the hospital by our transport for free.

Public transport: YES

Internet facilities: YES

Financial support

Financial support: YES

Amount of the financial support: The training program, transfers and meals are free.

Information about the Institution/Department

Name: Breast Unit (Center of Modern Senology) LISOD Hospital of Israeli oncology

Head of Department: Andrii Zhygulin

Number of Senior Consultants: 10 (the whole hospital), 3 (Breast Unit)

Number of Consultants: 39 (the whole hospital), 8 (Breast Unit)

Number of Residents: 3

Number of beds: 64 (whole hospital), 17 (surgical department)

Number of wards: 58 (whole hospital), 17 (surgical department)

Number of operation rooms: 2

Number of operations per day: 4-8

Number of operations per year: 1100 (all), 250-300 (breast)

Percentage of surgical oncology in the department per year: 98 %

Breast cancer operations per week/per year: 6-8

Other: Our hospital is the first private oncological facility in Ukraine with full cycle of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation service offered to patients with solid tumors of any origin.  Our Hospital was founded on the principles of European evidence-based medicine, in cooperation with Israeli oncologists. We organized Breast Unit in our Hospital on 2010 according to EUSOMA criteria. We were the first in our country who implemented real multidisciplinary approach, sentinel lymph node biopsy and tumor marking technologies into daily clinical practice, first who started to do all kinds of oncoplastic techniques including regional perforant flaps, ADM reconstruction, and the first, who organized rehabilitation center for the patients with breast cancer and introduced detailed database of the patients with regular analysis of the results which is unusual in post-soviet medicine. Since 2012 we registered in Breastcenrtesnetwork ( Hospital /4,9,384,). Our Breast Unit participated the international nipple sparing mastectomy registry INSPIRA – a EURECCA project, we are conducting a prospective clinical study about QoL of patients after oncoplastic BCS and breast reconstruction, our team had performed the official translation of Breast Q into Ukrainian Language. In 2014 our Breast Unit, together with Ukrainian Plastic Surgeons’ Club and National Medical University started the International Ukrainian Breast Conference. It was the first in our country real practical conference, dedicated to the breast cancer treatment according to the new complex vision of the problem (oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery, modern systemic therapy, radiotherapy, rehabilitation, early and late complications management). We performed next conferences in 2015, 2016, 2018. Michael Scheflan, Phillip Poortmans, Josef Gligorov, Abraham Kuten, Christoph Andree, Juame Masia, Jian Farhadi, Riccardo Audissio, Stefano Pompei, Stephen McCulley, Moustapha Hamdi, Maurizio Nava  and many other experts in breast surgery, medical and radiational oncology from all over the Europe participated these conferences. Since 2015 we started the oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery workshops for local doctors. These are 2 weeks workshops in our hospital with lectures and work in the operation theatre. During last 5 years our experience was warmly accepted by our colleagues from different countries on many meetings (participation with presentations in 28 international meeting, invited speaker for 11 international breast and oncological forums (including ESSO 36, ESSO 38, IBSD (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020), Rome breast meeting (2020), Barcelona Breast Meeting (2020), national breast meetings in Poland, Romania, Slovakia and others. Our Breast Unit became the part of Central Eastern European Consortium of Breast Surgeons from the very beginning and we really want to support this project.
The head of advisory board in our hospital and head of faculty board of our educational programs is prof. A. Kuten, Chairman of Israeli Cancer Association

BRESO programme director: MD Andrii Zhygulin