Copernicus Memorial Hospital

General Information

Name of Hospital / Institute / Cancer Centre: Cancer Center, Medical University of Lodz, Copernicus Memorial Hospital, Poland

Name of Unit: Breast Cancer Unit

Address: Paderewskiego 4, 93-509 Lodz, Poland

Country: Poland


Responsible person/tutor for the fellowship

Name: Prof. Agnieszka Kolacinska-Voytkuv

Position: Prof of Surgery & Consultant Breast Surgeon


Key contact

Contact name: Magdalena Janus-Hibner

Position: Manager of the hospital



Description of the training programme: breast conserving surgery, oncoplastic breast conserving surgery, LICAP, ICAP flaps, mastectomy, nipple-sparing mastectomy, skin-sparing mastetcomy, skin-reducing mastectomy, risk-reducing mastectomy, immediate breast reconstruction, expander- or implant-based, prepectoral breast reconstruction, delayed breast reconstruction, autologous breast reconstruction e.g. LD flap, DIEP flap, microsurgery for lymphedema, fat transfer, symmetrization procedures, breast reductions, mammaplasties, sentinel node biopsy, axillary lymph node dissection, TAD- targeted axillary lymph node dissection, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, anti-HER2 treatment, endocrine therapy genetics, mutation carriers care, pathology, imaging diagnostics, nuclear medicine, breast nurses, psychooncology, physiotherapy, charity.

Position held by the fellow during the traineeship: A position between resident and consultant

The training consist of: Breast Cancer Surgery, Oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery, MDT

Legal requirements: National curriculum

Maximum number of fellows in the Unit: 5

Optimal duration of the fellowship: 1 year

Open to both national and international candidates 

Ideal candidate: Intermediate, advanced and research interest


The fellow will participate in:

  • Operations with the tutor: YES
  • Outpatient clinics with the tutor: YES
  • The hospital continuing medical education programme: YES


Continuing medical education in the Unit: YES


Frequency: Weekly

Research facilities 

Participation to research activities in the hospital: YES


Accessible library: YES


Available accomodation: Student campus, single room with bathroom

Distance from the Institute/Center: 5 km

Public transport: YES

Internet facilities: YES

Financial support

Financial support: In selected cases, if grants available, YES

Information about the Institution/Department

Name: Dept of Surgical Oncology, Breast Cancer Unit

Head of Department: Dr Michal Lewandowicz

Number of Senior Consultants: 5

Number of Consultants: 4

Number of Residents: 3

Number of beds: 20

Number of wards: 1

Number of operation rooms: 2

Number of operations per day: 5-10

Number of operations per year: 1200 - 1400

Percentage of surgical oncology in the department per year: 100 %

Breast cancer operations per week/per year: 15 Breast Cancer Surgery Plus Reconstructions/Symmetrization/week

BRESO programme director: Agnieszka Kolacinska-Voytkuv / Prof of Surgery & Consultant Surgeon