Centro Di Senologia Della Svizzera Italiana

General Information

Name of Hospital / Institute / Cancer Centre: EOC - Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale / IOSI – Istituto Oncologico della Svizzera Italiana

Name of Unit: CSSI - Centro di Senologia della Svizzera Italiana

Address: Ospedale Italiano di Lugano, via P Capelli 1, Viganello 6942, CH

Country: Switserland

Website: https://www.eoc.ch/senologia/Centro-di-Senologia-della-Svizzera-Italiana.html

Responsible person/tutor for the fellowship

Name: Dr Francesco Meani

Position: Head

E-mail: francesco.meani@eoc.ch

Key contact

Contact name: Sig.a Friolo Laura

Position: Administration

E-mail: senologia@eoc.ch


Description of the training programme: Multidisciplinary clinical activities with rotations among different specialties involved in the Breast Center activity (Breast surgery, Plastic surgery, Radiotherapy, Medical Oncology, Pathology, Radiology). Outpatient clinics, Operating theatre, MDM discussions, Journal Clubs, participation to ongoing scientific activities and involvement in manuscripts production

Position held by the fellow during the traineeship: Visiting „Residency“ for those holding Swiss Certificate or equivalent and Visiting Observership

The training consist of: to be discussed with the applicant

Legal requirements: Swiss medical Certificate or equivalent EU diploma

Maximum number of fellows in the Unit: 1

Optimal duration of the fellowship: Between 3 and 6 months

Open to both national and international candidates or open to national candidates only

Ideal candidate: Any level of training as long as the fellow is committed to breast cancer and his/her specific interests are covered by our program. 


The fellow will participate in:

  • Operations with the tutor: YES
  • Outpatient clinics with the tutor: YES
  • The hospital continuing medical education programme: YES


Continuing medical education in the Unit: YES


Frequency: Twice a week

Research facilities 

Participation to research activities in the hospital: YES


Accessible library: YES


Available accomodation: There are some accommodations in apartments managed by the hospital

Distance from the Institute/Center: Walking distance

Public transport: YES

Internet facilities: NO

Financial support

Financial support: No but Fellowships to cover 3 - 6 moths attendance at our Instituition are offered through the career development program by ESO – European School of Oncology. For further details please see www.eso.net (section on career development)

Information about the Institution/Department

Name: CSSI Centro di Senologia della Svizzera Italiana
Multi-site breast Unit: two main facilities, in Lugano and Bellinzona, where all breast cancer activities , including surgical interventions are carried out, plus two outreach clinics in Mendrisio and Locarno where mainly diagnostic and medical systemic treatments are performed. 

Head of Department: Francesco Meani, Clinical Director of multidisciplinary Breast Unit

Number of Senior Consultants: Breast surgery is carried out by gynaecologists and plastic surgeons working with the BU. Currently 3 certified breast surgeons and 2 plastic surgeons

Number of operations per year: 250 new cancer operations/year

BRESO programme director: Francesco Meani, MD