Noorderhart Mariaziekenhuis and Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg campus Sint Jan

General Information

Name of Hospital / Institute / Cancer Centre: Noorderhart Mariaziekenhuis (Satellite Breast Center) and Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg campus Sint Jan (Multidisciplinary Breast Center)

Name of Unit: Gynaecology

Address: Maesensveld 1, 3900 Pelt / Schiepse Bos 6, 3600 Genk

Country: Belgium


Responsible person/tutor for the fellowship

Name: Dr. K. Verbeke

Position: Head of Gynaecology Noorderhart


Key contact

Position: Administration



Description of the training programme: The training programme will exist of surgery, constulations and multidisciplinary team meetings. The fellow will do surgery twice a week in Noorderhart Mariaziekenhuis (mainly breast cancer surgery) and once a week in Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg. The breast cancer consultations exist of preoperative consultations, postoperative consultations with discussion of the adjuvant therapy and follow-up consultations. Once a week the fellow will participate in the multidisciplinary team meetings. There is an opportunity to visit the departments of oncology (Noorderhart/ZOL), pathology (Noorderhart/ZOL), plastic surgery (Noorderhart/ZOL), radiology (Noorderhart/ZOL) and radiotherapy (ZOL).

Position held by the fellow during the traineeship: A position of resident

The training consist of: Supervise breast cancer operations once a week as well as some consultations

Legal requirements: The fellow must have a degree as gynaecologist and preferably speaks Dutch (or English)

Maximum number of fellows in the Unit: We can cover 1 full-time fellow

Optimal duration of the fellowship: 3 months (maximum 6)

Open to both national and international candidates 

Ideal candidate: We would prefer a clinical fellow who has a degree as gynaecologist and preferably speaks Duth (or English)


The fellow will participate in: 

  • Operations with the tutor: Yes
  • Outpatient clinics with the tutor: Yes
  • The hospital continuing medical education programme: Yes


Continuing medical education in the Unit: Yes


Frequency: Weekly

Research facilities

Participation to research activities in the hospital: Yes


Accessible library: Yes


Available accommodation: A room with private bathroom, refrigerator and TV, situated above Kinderdagverblijf Karbonkeltje Pelt

Distance from the Institute/Center: +- 250 m to hospital Noorderhart Pelt and +- 40 km to Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL) Genk

Public transport: Yes

Internet facilities: Yes

Financial support

Financial support: Yes

Amount of the financial support: Financial support depends on the contract. A room above Kinderdagverblijf Karbonkeltje can be paid by the department of gynaecology (35 €/day). There is no separate amount for meals, though there is a reduced price for staff in the hospital

Information about the Institution/Department

Name: Gynaecology / Breast Unit: part Noorderhart Mariaziekenhuis Pelt and part ZOL Genk

Head of Department: Dr. J. Vlasselaer (Gynaecology ZOL) and Dr. K. Verbeke (Head of Gynaecology Noorderhart)

Number of Senior Consultants: 2 / 4

Number of Consultants: Currently 1 part-time fellow / 0

Number of Residents: 1 resident will start this year (October 2021) / 7

Number of beds: +- 5 rooms are provided for breast cancer patient / no specific number of beds for breast cancer patients

Number of wards: A common ward for patients undergoing gynaecological surgery / 1 common ward for patients undergoing gynaecological surgery

Number of operation rooms: 2 operation rooms for breast surgery per week (7 in total for all disciplines) / 3 operation rooms for breast surgery per week, 18 operation rooms for all disciplines

Number of operations per day: 1-4 a day (Pelt)

Number of operations per year: 150 breast operations per year / 250 new breast cancer cases per year

Percentage of surgical oncology in the department per year: 100 % (breast unit)

Breast cancer operations per week: 2-8 per week

Other: ZOL: 250 new breast cancer cases per year and 3 operation rooms a week

BRESO programme director: Dr. Kaat Verbeke (Gynaecology – Noorderhart Pelt)